Physiotherapy as a therapeutic and restorative tool

Papa Giovanni Physiotherapy is a professional practice specialized in multidisciplinary rehabilitation, characterized in particular by an approach that promotes neuroplasticity and improves functions .
Our experience and expertise are aimed in particular at patients with neurological conditions, who require assistance and dedicated paths even in the medium-long term, but also at non-neurological patients who they need physiotherapy to recover their physical and motor skills.

trattamenti fisioterapici intensivi
Intensive physiotherapy treatments
To maximize recovery quickly, we offer intensive neurological rehabilitation courses consisting of sessions lasting a minimum of one and a half hours up to a maximum of four hours a day, for a period of between five and ten days.
The Bobath Concept
The Bobath Concept is an inclusive and personalized therapeutic approach aimed at optimizing the recovery of movement and potential for patients with neurological conditions, i.e. with impairment of function, movement and postural control generated by an injury to the central nervous system.