Philosophy and Mission

Our philosophy: improving the patient’s quality of life
The philosophy on which the work of Papa Giovanni Physiotherapy is based is centred on a tangible improvement in the patient’s quality of life. We think and act so as to support patients in their best functional recovery with as little compensation as possible.

Our holistic view of our profession leads us to see patients not as a collection of symptoms but as whole individuals, including their personal history, the people they live with, their health, their expectations, their environment and, above all, their feelings.

Rehabilitation takes place within a professional but also serene and familiar environment, as these are the basic elements of our approach. Our patients are not numbers, but people with whom we build relationships and accompany through all the steps of the rehabilitation process, from the acute phase to the goals achieved with commitment and effort over the years.

We share the rehabilitation pathway with each of our guests, highlighting different options and their risks and benefits. Only in this way is it possible to make serene and aware choices and achieve goals.

Our mission: to apply the best rehabilitation options available

The mission of Papa Giovanni Physiotherapy is to be a centre of absolute excellence for multidisciplinary physiotherapy in Bergamo and throughout Lombardy.

Our long experience in the rehabilitation of complex cases is combined with continuous training and teamwork to guarantee patients the highest level of rehabilitation expertise.

Thanks to the rehabilitation and training programmes with neuro-rehabilitation specialists from all over the world, we have a very clear idea of the rehabilitation options available to clinicians, and we know how to apply them to help our patients.

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