Foot and Gait rehabilitation

Foot and gait rehabilitation, following neurological injuries
The foot represents the fixed point on the ground on which the entire weight of the body stands, and enables a person to assume and maintain an upright posture, as well as to move through space thanks to an even distribution of loads and tensions. Also considered as a sensory organ in obtaining and maintaining balance, the foot provides the spinal column – to which it is closely interconnected – with the stability necessary to function fully.

Poor foot behaviour or incorrect ground support consequently also affects the knee and spine, altering posture to a greater or lesser degree. It is important to remember that posture is fundamental in guaranteeing a correct balance of the body and in the prevention of various conditions: consequences of bad posture can in fact include problems of various types, such as neck pain, neural pain, Chewing defects, dental malocclusions, back pain, jauw clicks, low back pain.

For this reason, pathologies of the foot must be treated very carefully to ensure an effective recovery of optimal posture.

Our specialists’ wealth of experience at Fisioterapia Papa Giovanni enables us to treat various foot pathologiesis such as hallux valgus, flat foot, equinism, hollow foot We also design ad hoc rehabilitation paths aimed at recovering a correct base of support and functional movements of the trunk and upper limbs following a neurological injury, as well as recovery and independence in walking following neurological conditions that reduce autonomy.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation paths with the Bobath Concept

Paediatric Rehabilitation

Paediatric physiotherapy and rehabilitation with the Bobath Concept

Hand rehabilitation

Hand and upper limb rehabilitation and functional recovery

Foot and Gait rehabilitation

Foot and gait rehabilitation, also following neurological injuries

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Orthopaedic rehabilitation for adults and children

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Musculoskeletal Disorders

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Home Rehabilitation

Home rehabilitation treatment for neurological patients

Second Opinions and Professional Consultations

Second opinions and professional consultations for patients and physiotherapists

Intensive Treatment

Personalised and intensive neurological rehabilitation programmes aimed at maximising recovery in a short time.

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