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Physiotherapy as a therapeutic and restorative tool
Papa Giovanni Physiotherapy is a professional practice specialising in multidisciplinary rehabilitation,
characterised by an approach that promotes neuroplasticity and improves function.

Our experience and expertise are geared in particular to patients with neurological conditions,
who require dedicated care and pathways also in the medium to long term, as well as to non-neurological
who need physiotherapy to recover their physical and motor skills. The key word
in our approach is in fact always ‘rehabilitation’, and it identifies the work of all our therapists.

We understand physiotherapy not as a compensatory but as a therapeutic tool. Through our hands,
we connect with patients on a physical level, with the aim of accompanying them towards the best possible
functional recovery
using specific clinical reasoning.

All our rehabilitation paths are characterised as much by precision as by specificity in
the recovery of movement.

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