Since 2015, the only practice in Bergamo specialising in neurological rehabilitation.
The Papa Giovanni Physiotherapy practice was founded in 2015 by Dr Francesco Inversini with the aim of specifically treating patients with neurological conditions. It is the first physiotherapy practice in Bergamo and province in which physiotherapists specialised in neurological rehabilitation operate.

The Papa Giovanni Physiotherapy practice is in Curno, in the province of Bergamo. Over the years, it has become a multidisciplinary centre offering various physiotherapy specialities.

Our centre: an environment geared to patient wellbeing

Creating a practice that is suitable for people with neurological conditions means being able to use spacious and accessible rooms, in which guests can move freely in wheelchairs and easily even if they have reduced mobility. The spaciousness of our premises is also ideal for accommodating the relatives, friends and caregivers accompanying our patients.

The centre occupies the entire second floor of a building in the city centre and is reached by a lift. Spacious and bright, it has been designed to ensure a sense of comfort, serenity and well-being for guests, right down to the last detail. Patients’ privacy is also protected by appropriate soundproofing.

Our specialists work by rotating between the various workstations according to the therapeutic course to be followed. All spaces are suitable for walking and transforming treatment into a real recovery of damaged functionality.

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